“Relish the Moment”

Relish the Moment…
with a custom painting of your pet, your favorite vacation spot, or happy memory:

Pet Portraits:
Email a .jpg file photo of your pet, either a portrait style close-up or your pet in action doing something endearing to you! Let me know if you have background color specifications that go with your home’s interior. Please indicate the size and orientation of canvas you prefer.

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"Poet for Hire" 18" x18" Oil on Canvas
“Poet for Hire” 18″ x18″ Oil on Canvas

Vacations/ Memories:
Email a jpg. file photo of your favorite outdoor scene or favorite memory. Photos with good light/dark contrast work best. Please indicate the size and orientation of the canvas you prefer.
As I am working on your painting, I will email photos of the progress.

"poet for Hire" original photograph
“poet for Hire” original photograph

During this phase, if you want to revise colors or adjust anything in the painting, I will make those corrections. As I am working in oil, the painting may take up to a month or a bit longer to complete. I will email you a final photo of the painting for approval.
Once approved, I can either ship the painting to you (postage and handling cost to be determined) or we can make an appointment for you to pick up the painting if you live in the Chicago area.

Canvas sizes: Prices (includes tax but not shipping)
[ ] 8 x 8 $75
[ ] 8x 10 $75
[ ] 11 x 14 $100
[ ] 12 x 12 $100
[ ] 12 x 16 $100
[ ] 16 x 20 $150
[ ] 18 x 18 $175
[ ] 18 x 24 $175
[ ] 22 x 28 $200
[ ] 20 x 20 $120
[ ] 24 x 36 $250

Email: mo_town55@yahoo.com