About the artist

MaureenCrowleyMaureen Crowley was born in St. Charles, Illinois and has been a resident of Evanston for the past 17 years. She began taking art classes at the Evanston Art Center in 2005 as a new retiree looking for a meaningful hobby.

Maureen has shown her work at the Evanston Art Center student exhibits, The Art School, Glencoe; the Greenleaf Art Center, Chicago; The Frame Warehouse, Evanston; and the Ravenswood Art Walk, Chicago; Ice House Gallery, Evanston; 1070 Gallery, Chicago; various shops in Evanston; and the Evanston-Made Art Walk and website.

During her career in sales promotion and marketing, she spent much of her time collaborating with graphics artists and printers who fueled her interest in color, design, light and shadow.

Maureen paints for the pleasure of seeing her chosen subjects come to life on canvas. There isn’t a particular specialty; still lifes, portraits of people and animals, interior and outdoor landscapes all make appealing subjects to her.

Sources of inspiration come from vintage black and white photos, her own photography and from real life subjects. Maureen paints only with oil which she loves for the depth and richness of color.

She thinks of the world as a wild and colorful place and enjoys adding to the cacophony!

Contact information:
email Maureen Crowley (Mo’s Art) at mo_town55@yahoo.com